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Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and In

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Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and In

Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and In

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2017/08/21 15:17
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formation Technology, Qin Zhijun, Deputy Director of Nuclear Power Department of National Energy Administration, Zhou Jinxing, Vice Governor of Changping District of Beijing, Meng Zhenping, General Manager of State Power Investment Corporation, and Wei Su, Deputy General Manager attended the inaugural meeting and shared Unveiled.

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According to Meng Zhenping, the establishment of the alliance marks an important step toward implementing the national strategic task in the field of materials for the nuclear energy industry. The establishment of the coalition is of great significance to the complete independence of nuclear energy materials in our country, bringing together the resources and advantages of enterprises, research institutes and universities, creating an innovation system that runs through the innovation chain and the industrial chain, and comprehensively enhancing the competitiveness of nuclear power in our country.

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The material determines the maturity of the nuclear reactor
uclear energy materials in the strong radiation, high temperature, high pressure, high temperature gradient, corrosive environment service.
eng Zhenping said that the history of the development of nuclear power shows that the development of materials largely determines the maturity of nuclear reactor development. Nuclear energy material is an important guarantee for reactor safety and economy. To a large extent, nuclear energy materials are one of the key factors restricting the further development of the nuclear power industry.

After decades of development in China's nuclear energy industry, great progress has been made in the localization and autonomy of nuclear energy materials. Especially since 2007, with the implementation of the national third generation nuclear power autonomy strategy, the manufacturing technology of the major equipment and materials for the third generation of nuclear power has been mastered at present, and the localization of the equipment has basically been realized.

However, Qin Zhijun said frankly that while making achievements, we should clearly see that there are still some weak links in the field of nuclear power materials in our country. Some equipment and materials have not yet fully realized their independence, and their basic research and development capabilities have yet to be improved. Resources in nuclear power experimental verification, the resources are still scattered, R & D units, design units and users are not close enough. All these need us to continue to strengthen and improve.

It is understood that the main material problem facing the Third Generation reactor is the equipment that has not yet been re-established, the localization and autonomy of key components and materials; the optimization and improvement of the design and manufacture of equipment materials; advanced technologies such as new technologies, new materials and new manufacturing technologies Of the application; materials and equipment identification and evaluation of public platforms and systems inadequate.

The main problem facing the fourth generation reactor is the lack of basic data, fuel assemblies need to be further optimized; structural materials still need in-depth research and development, verification.

It is our common responsibility and mission to realize the independence of nuclear energy materials.

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The establishment of the alliance is of great significance
In recent years, the state attaches great importance to the development of new material industries. The State Council and other ministries and departments have issued a series of documents such as "Made in China 2025" and made "new materials" one of the ten key areas vigorously promoted.

"Made in China 2025" requires the organization and implementation of a number of special and major projects for innovation and industrialization of nuclear power equipment. The "Made in China 2025-Energy Equipment Implementation Plan" lists advanced nuclear power equipment as one of 15 major tasks. "The new material industry Development Guide "has clearly put forward in areas such as nuclear power, relying on the leading new material manufacturers and downstream users, the establishment of about 20 new materials production and application demonstration platform. The above documents fully illustrate the state's emphasis on the autonomous development and application of the nuclear energy material industry.

In order to meet the needs of the development of China's nuclear energy material industry, the State Investment Group initiated and formed the alliance with the concern and support of the Ministry ofndustry and Information Technology.

It is understood that the alliance aims to become a bridge between materials research and development and user information exchange and offer advice and suggestions for the development policy formulation of nuclear energy materials such as the third and fourth generations of reactors and fusion reactors; make up the nuclear energy material research and development, pilot and engineering tests, new materials Application of the short board to achieve industrial development in the upstream and downstream and innovative environment and end-user docking and coupling to achieve the R & D design unit, manufacturing and processing enterprises and end-user demand docking, project docking; to build science and technology innovation pool for nuclear energy materials Innovation and industrialization; to formulate and revise relevant standards such as the trial production, testing, verification and service safety assessment of nuclear energy materials, and rely on the demonstration platform of production and application to solve the problem of insufficient linking of production and application; formulate the intellectual property rights, the transformation of achievements and the distribution of profits And other related management systems to achieve win-win cooperation in research, development, production and application.

Meng Zhenping said the establishment of the coalition is of great significance to the complete independence of nuclear energy materials in our country, bringing together the resources and advantages of enterprises, research institutes and universities, creating an innovation system that runs through the innovation chain and the industrial chain, and comprehensively enhancing the competitiveness of nuclear power in our country.

The independence of nuclear energy materials is the key to completely autonomous nuclear energy technology. Due to the small scale of R & D and verification of nuclear energy materials, lack of technical strength, and the fragmentation of R & D and verification facilities, some equipment and materials of China's nuclear power have not yet been fully realized. The independence of nuclear energy materials has restricted the complete independence and scale of China's nuclear energy. Development. Realizing nuclear material autonomy will enhance the level of the entire industrial chain such as material development, processing and production and standard system construction, and promote the upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry, which will in turn lead to the development and application of materials from other industries.

To improve the overall reactor safety, economy and industrial competitiveness of great significance. Some materials still need to further improve the stability, reliability and quality of performance, improve the design and manufacturing of nuclear energy materials technology to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce production costs, to improve the overall reactor safety, economic and industrial competitiveness of great significance .

It is an important measure to improve the basic R & D capability of nuclear energy materials. The alliance will help to expand the efficiency of research and development of nuclear energy materials. Especially in the identification and assessment of nuclear energy materials, help to effectively gather the relatively scattered special test resources to meet the assessment requirements of nuclear energy materials assessment.

Help to strengthen the schools, research institutions, business contacts, open up nuclear energy materials research and development, design, manufacture, inspection, verification of all aspects. Universities and research institutes are the major sources of production of scientific and technological resources. Therefore, the development and sharing of nuclear energy resources in universities and research institutes is an effective way to improve the strength of nuclear power in our country. Establishing alliances will help enterprises and design institutes fully communicate their needs and provide design units with sufficient time for research and development. They will deepen R & D units' full understanding of the industry and advance materials research. They will promptly test and verify new products developed by material research and manufacturing units , Timely improve the production equipment and process parameters, accelerate the pace of application.

As an important platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in nuclear energy materials, it is conducive to getting through the nuclear energy innovation industrial chain. Nuclear energy is an important part of the nuclear energy industry chain. The alliance adopts market-oriented and government-led combination mode of operation, facing the world's scientific and technological frontiers, opening up the upstream and downstream industry chain in the field of nuclear energy materials, promoting the industrialization of advanced scientific research and the transformation and upgrading of China's nuclear energy industry.

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Union's next step

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According to Meng Zhenping, the establishment of the coalition is only a milestone and the construction of the demonstration platform has a long way to go. National Investment Group will, as always, support the coalition work, with the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and the support of the member units for the early completion of the demonstration platform. In addition, the national investment group will also support the coalition to carry out the following tasks:

First, strict compliance with relevant state laws and regulations, according to the Articles of Association, improve the internal related systems, under the framework of the Union, actively and effectively carry out alliance related work, and promote the development of nuclear energy materials industry.
econd, on the basis of voluntariness and on the principle of cooperation and mutual benefit, we should extensively absorb the strength of all parties in the upstream and downstream of nuclear energy materials in our country and form an open and market-oriented coalition operation mode. We should continuously expand the influence and authority of the coalition Improve China's nuclear energy materials industry innovation and development provide a strong support.

Third, give full play to the respective advantages of the member units, activate the production and application of nuclear energy resources, strengthen the sharing of upstream and downstream standards, patents and testing data, and close the bottleneck between the production and application of nuclear energy materials.

Fourth, actively carry out international cooperation and exchange, sign bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreements, realize the independence of key technologies of nuclear power materials, break the constraints and constraints of foreign technologies and enhance the competitiveness of their own brands, becoming an important support for "going global" for nuclear power.

Fifth, it initiated the establishment of a scientific and technological innovation fund for nuclear energy materials, matched with state funds, and provided financial support for the research and development of the third generation reactor, the fourth generation reactor and fusion reactor materials. The use of multi-level social funds, increase the financing of the nuclear energy materials industry development support, support for the development of industrial enterprises to promote the work results.